Wooing the Viewer
Wooing the Viewer

Wooing the Viewer

1991 – video installation for 2 monitors

Two monitors stand across from each other on black 12 m high pedestals at a distance of approx. 8 m apart. The VHS players are hidden in the open backs of the wooden pedestals.

The distance between the screens and the narrow width of the space makes it impossible for the exhibition's visitor to watch both monitors at the same time. His gaze must wander back and forth.

An attractive lady on each monitor fights for the favor of the spectator. One is blond (Susanne Seuffert), the other brunette (Evelyn Plank). They use everything television entertainment has to offer: erotica, comedy, crime. They compete with each other. One must decide between two (television) programs, but is hardly able to do so.

The duel begins with coquette, promising glances, smoldering mouths and erotic purring. Then it is fought no holds barred and the voyeur gets his money's worth: here an opened blouse, there a bared bottom - until both take their weapons. The opponent is taken in site, although one does not know if the video contestants or the spectator are being aimed at. Two shots fall. Black. The game starts from the beginning.

The individual sequences each last 3'40 minutes and are repeated infinitely. In order for the two ladies shots to be fired at once, both video recorders must be started at the same time and run in sync.

This installation was on view in "KunstBetrieb Dachau", Dachau by Munich with my video installation "Die Nabelschau" (The Navel Show), an exhibition with Barbara Hammann, 7 March - 8 April 1991 and in the Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstraße, Munich (with my installation "Ping-Pong"), 14 September - 13 October 1991.