Madonna Mia II
Madonna Mia II

Madonna Mia II

1992 – video installation for 5 monitors

Four monitors stand next to each other in a line on a long table (90 cm high, 240 cm long, 60 cm wide). Across from them, at a distance of approx. 5 meters, a single monitor stands on an "altar". It is a 130 cm high and 150 cm long wooden box covered with a marble patterned plastic sheet. Artificial flowers have been placed to the right and left of the monitor.

On the "video altar" a "Madonna" (Evelyn Park) with folded hands tries to keep her composure. Four "Admirers of the Madonna" across from her struggle to draw attention to themselves. Each of them courts the "Madonna’s" favor in his own way. One tries to mask his uncertainty with endless babbling. The other openly admits his helplessness and stares at the object of his admiration with a yearning gaze. The third holds onto his wineglass and washes down his frustration. The fourth plays the cool macho who feels he is not getting enough attention from the "Madonna". Each believes to be alone with his (ma-) donna, but next to him sits another courter.

The sound of their efforts cannot be heard from outside, but can only be perceived by the spectator over the attached headphones. This means the visitor must become active in order to understand the words and the installation. Oddly, this fact did not prove to be an inhibiting factor, but rather a stimulant that
brought the visitor into an intimate tête - à - tête with the video men. This way, the illusion was created that the man in the "box" was only speaking with you, personally; hitting on you and admiring y o u , not the "Madonna".

Each of the "Admirers of the Madonna" comes into the picture from the left and sits at the table. After approx. 15 minutes, he stands up, goes off to the right and out of the picture. This sequence repeats infinitely. It looks like all four are sitting behind a long table. They repeatedly stand up, leave for a short time and return to their old places.

The "Madonna" on her altar takes no notice of all of these goings-on. She only rarely gives in and makes little reactions. A wink of the eye, a slight sigh, a quiet smile, a wrinkle of the nose, a questioning side glance.

Actors: Evelyn Plank, Tilman Leher, Michael Brent, Karl Knaup and Oliver Mitgutsch