1994 – video installation for 4 monitors

Four monitors stand in a row next to each other on a long table. On each screen, the bust of a different person who seems to be sitting behind a table can be seen. This creates the impression that all four persons are sitting next to each other at a long table covered with a white tablecloth.

Two colored toy cars (red and green) are pushed back and forth between the monitors and the actors. The players are clothed in pairs (boyfriend and girlfriend) in the complimentary colors orange and blue or yellow and violet. The table is white and the background black.

The screeching sound of the toy cars being run on the table are heard.

The seriousness of the actors moving the two little model cars is in accordance with the usual conscientiousness a person has when playing society games. One moves in a set framework according to a given set of rules. Four adults pushing around toy cars may seem absurd and ridiculous, but so is a driver's daily search for a parking spot; his maneuvering back and forth through the streets. An auto-repetition that is constantly being repeated.

Produced at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

The installation was first on view at the Art Cologne 94 at the Nordstern Art Insurance booth.

Actors: Ferdinand Lechtreck and Barbara Mattes, Simone X and Kris Krois. Active helpers: Jürgen Jansen and Thomas Helmut Bock