On the Other Site

On the Other Site

1997 – video projection on a matt pane of acrylic glass

The east entrance and exit to the hollow inner space of Cologne's Deutz Bridge was closed off with a pane of acrylic glass. A few days before the exhibition I taped a scene through the glass from the inside: People cowering in front of the opening of the door, knocking on the glass, drawing attention to their situation and asking to be let in (or freed). For the exhibition (7 - 19 November 1997) I installed the projector outside so that the viewers only saw the projection on the glass.

The pane of glass as an interface where inside and outside, where real and virtual worlds meet but are also separated from each other. The projection appeared amazingly realistic. Some of the visitors attempted to remove the glass to free the "fenced out" guests.

Produced at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Actors: Andreas Altenhoff, Klaus W. Baum, Georgia Beel, Kerstin Bergmann, Anita Fuchs, Cornelia Gerecke, Jürgen Jansen, Jay Koh, Ina Pillat, Yvonne Spielmann, Clea T. Waite