Wall Work

Wall Work

2000 – video projection on a white wall

A life-size image of a man painting a wall green is projected onto a white wall. During this activity, which runs in real time, the space - which is brightly illuminated by the projection - becomes darker and greener as the video proceeds. The approximately 20-minute-long recording was filmed at exactly the same spot were the projection was to be shown later, namely, in front of the main wall inside the Cologne-based Gabriele Rivet gallery.

The sequence of events: first, the actors, the gallery owner Gabriele Rivet, and the artist Volker Saul (who is dressed in blue overalls), take a picture down from the wall. This picture is a large photograph taken by Mercedes Barros, who exhibited her work before my "life-size" exhibition. After the picture has been taken away, Volker Saul removes the nails and puts putty in the holes before painting the wall green. Once he has finished painting, the picture fades to white and the whole process starts all over again.

Volker Saul exhibited wall objects in the gallery after my exhibition. Past, present, and future - reality and virtuality - overlap here.

The video piece "Wall Work" was first on view during the solo exhibition "life size" in the gallery Gabriele Rivet in Cologne from May 5 - June 10, 2000.

Actors: Volker Saul, Gabriele Rivet